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Progressive Web
Applications (PWA)

PWA is a unique web app development technology. It enables opening a website on mobile platforms similarly to apps, with the same visual interface and functions.


No delays

PWA work quicker than traditional websites and provide high loading and response speed.

No network needed

PWA can be installed on a smart phone and opened with no Internet connection.

Any device

PWA are operating in any system, any browser and on any device.

How will PWA help your business

PWA are easier to find

Google gives priority to websites with the PWA technology, so your website will rank higher.

Simple app support

PWA servicing requires less labor effort than a mobile app.

PWA development will save your money

You won't need to develop an app for both platforms: iOS and Android. PWA are installed on all smart phones.

Easy to install

The web app requires just a couple of clicks to get installed on a device and can be accessed even without a connection.

Development cost

The development cost depends on functions, difficulty and interface ergonomics of the future web app.

Find below approximate PWA development amounts depending on the subject.

MVP development

AMOUNT from $14,000

PWA development for a start-up

AMOUNT from $14,000

PWA for business

AMOUNT from $70,000

PWA for FinTech

AMOUNT from $280,000

Collaboration Models

Time & Material

from $35 per hour

An excellent option for large projects with a step-by-step development structure.

Fixed Price

Cooperation model for small projects. The final cost is calculated based on the prepared terms of reference.




Prototypes and design are developed in Figma. An interactive presentation is made.



Interface is developed using Vue.js and Vanilla JS.



Application back-end is developed using Symfony.

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Fill in the form below, and we'll contact you to discuss project details. If you hate forms, e-mail us at

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